Porsche 911 2.2 T



911 2,2 T

Body type









89.064 miles


2.2 L Flat 6

Exterior color

Bahia Red

Interior color

Beige Tan

Power kW (HP)


Country Origin

United States

CO2 emission



The Porsche 911 2.2 T (T for Touring) is THE 911 Classic. It is often regarded as the little sister of the 2.2L. Produced for just two years, its 125 bhp engine was replaced by a 155 bhp on the 2.2 E and a 180 bhp on the 2.2 S.

Light and precise, the Porsche 911T is a reliable car. Pleasant to drive, without forgetting that it’s an old lady, it will seduce purists. The characteristic sound of its flat 6 makes you vibrate as soon as you start the engine.

As standard, the 911 T had a 4-speed manual gearbox. This one was ordered with an optional 5-speed gearbox, gold Porsche lettering on the rear bonnet and a single round rear-view mirror on the left, which gives it a real charm.

Our 911 T is originally from the United States. It was delivered in 1971 in the much sought-after Bahia Red with the traditional Fuchs 5-spoke wheels, which are still in good condition. As its certificate of authenticity indicates, it has retained its original colour scheme and engine.
The interior, all in tan beige leather, is original and in a good state of preservation given its age. The comfort seats are well supported and have no cracks or holes.

The original maintenance book is supplied with the car. The 911 remained in the hands of its first owner for 16 years. It was then owned by the same family and serviced by the same specialist Porsche garage in Omaha between 1987 and 2016. All the invoices detailing the operations carried out are provided.
In 2016, the Porsche belonged to a French gentleman living in the States. He brought it back to France in 2018 and waited until 2019 to register it. All necessary works were done to keep the body and the inside of the 911 beautiful. It continued to be serviced regularly. It was then sold to the current owner who has enjoyed his oldtimer occasionally. To ensure a perfect use, he recently spent another 4000 EUR of works.

All in all, we can say that this 911T is a healthy car that was cherished by its various owners, has always been regularly maintained but has not benefited from a full restoration. It is a beautiful exemplar of the 2.2L , the purest incarnation of the 911, the real Porsche Classic. The 911 T is best appreciated on a daily basis. A car that’s easy to live with, so beautiful, so endearing … which is still as attractive after more than 50 years of existence.

Options: US equipment / Antenna left w/ loudspeaker & Noise suppression / tinted windshield / Dunlop tires / comfort equipment

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