Mercedes 190SL Cabrio



190 SL

Body type









61.000 Miles


1900 cc

Exterior color

Gun Grey

Interior color


Power kW (HP)

89 kW

Country Origin

United States

CO2 emission



Mercedes-Benz wanted to create two dream convertibles: the 300SL gullwing in convertible version and a smaller model, the 190SL combining sportive look with convenient daily use. Designed by Karl Wilfert et Walter Hackert, the 190SL was presented in its final version at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1955. The car was so successful that production began in May 1955 at the Sindelfingen plant on the same assembly line as the 300SL.

The model was sold almost exclusively to the American market (> 80% of its production) because the 190SL remained expensive for Europe in full reconstruction after the Second World War. This explains the relative rarity of the vehicle today in Europe, even if in recent years, with the internationalization of auctions of prestige vintage cars, many 190SL have been reimported to Europe.
The 190SL sold in the USA had no difference from its European version except for the speedometer which was in MPH , which is the case on the car we present here.

This 190SL is very beautiful and has undergone a total restoration, bodywork, upholstery, engine, brakes …… It is featured in a classic color combination of Gun Grey exterior with a brick color leather interior and a chocolate brown convertible top.

The chromes are in very good condition. The interior is in a great shape. The seats, the door panels and the hood are new.

In a few words, a real opportunity to acquire a beautiful, solid and mechanically strong example of a rare, late production 190SL that can be enjoyed both aesthetically and on the road. With such a car, you will make spectators return with admiration on your getaways…

Do not hesitate to contact us, we are located in Zaventem at 5 minutes from Brussels airport.


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